So, here are the #facts:

1. You’re coasting and going through the motions. Playing it safe.

2. You want desperately to not play it safe. You're tired of seeing everyone else on The 'Gram living it up. 

3. Money is your struggle. It’s the ball and chain that makes you feel completely stuck in your hometown, stagnant in your career, or in a creative slump. You have no idea what to do next.

4. You’ve wished upon a lottery ticket (or two). And tried a get-rich-quick scheme (or three). And been enticed by other random sketchy shortcuts that promise to solve your ball and chain problem. 

5. You’ve gotten lost in the abyss of "internet land" and become convinced that the only way to be financially secure is by becoming an overnight YouTube beauty guru, having a cameo on reality TV, or something similar.

6. Screw #FACTS 4 and 5. You don't need them. You just need a sound money plan. I know because I've been there, laid in the fetal position under the covers wondering "is this all there is to life?", and then got so laser focused on saving, repaying debt, and starting a business that I turned it all around. 

My mission is to help my fellow disillusioned Millennials, creatives, and rebels solve the "I'm so broke and stuck" problem.

Because learning how to manage money opens doors.

Like, for real.

And, to be frank, we're the people who make this Earth fun. The less we are broke, the more we'll have the means (i.e. money) to explorer, help others, create, and support the creation, of cool stuff. 





(And rest assured. No sketchy get-rich-quick schemes or selling your first born required.)


Here's What people are saying:


“I love how you put your personality into your site and advice. You make it relatable to someone who’s learning to be financially savvy. It’s a dumbed down version that’s explained in a way that I can understand; without all the fancy, big finance terms. I always forward your emails to my friends!” — Mariah


What's in the 3-part bootcamp series?


This series includes tips from me, a Certified Financial Education Instructor, on how to jumpstart your financial plan.


topic 1 // How TO finally stop just making ends meet.

A sneak peak into my struggle story and how I used money skills to come out on top. 



topic 2 // The secret to getting unstuck when you're down and out mentally and financially.

Unpacking the mental reasons for getting stuck, and a tactic I've used to get unstuck to do/create/achieve great things personally and financially.



topic 3 // budgeting strategies for the chronically scatter-brained and disorganized.

Breaking down how a budget can work for you even if you're not the most prim, proper, or put-together person on the planet. 


Oh, & i got some worksheets and extras

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Hi, I'm Taylor --


I help people go from a place of stressed out and living "paycheck to paycheck" without a plan to -> confident, able to keep a budget, working towards fulfilling goals, and seeing opportunities everywhere. 

I've also been in your position, got unstuck, and discovered how to use money as a tool for freedom.

Oh... as for credentials, I'm a CFEI (Certified Financial Education Instructor) and professional personal finance writer who's been digging through consumer product fine-print, reviewing student loan repayment options, reporting on credit building techniques, and creating money guides that have been read (and implemented on) by thousands of people over the last 4ish years. I'm also the owner of the money and productivity blog